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AgC Technology provides expert capability in the screen printing of conductive inks on a variety of engineered materials, with emphasis on medium to large-format work. The company has over 30 years of experience with conductive ink printing and can work with designs up to 52 inches by 110 inches printed area. While conductive ink screen printing is our forte, we also provide graphic ink printing if it is part of an integrated project. In addition to screen printing, AgC Technology has the expertise and facilities to integrate these circuits into electronic products for aerospace, commercial, consumer, industrial, and medical products. We are ISO 9000 certified.

Our capability includes the screen printing of silver, carbon, transparent conductive polymer, UV dielectric and UV graphic inks on polyester, polycarbonate, polyimide, polysulphone, polyamide, paper, glass and vinyl substrates. We can work with designs as small as 1 inch square and as large as 60 inches by 120 inches of material with a printed area of 52 inches by 110 inches. Our layer to layer printing tolerance is within 0.020 inches for the largest print and within 0.005 inches on the smallest prints. When screen printing carbon inks we can hold a resistance tolerance of 10% of nominal with a linearity of 3% depending on the design.
  The more complicated and difficult your design, the more you will appreciate our expertise and our ability to help make your project a success.

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